Rare Disease Review welcomes the submission of articles focused on current rare disease research, rare disease pathophysiology, or health policies affecting the rare disease community. Below are some guidelines your submission must follow in order to be evaluated for publication.

  • The article must provide a strong conceptual understanding of its subject matter with clarity and brevity. 
  • Articles should approach 1,000-1,500 words in length.
  • All scientific discussion must be cited. Use the American Medical Association (AMA) citation style with no access dates.
  • Articles should follow the Scientific American style, which is detailed yet not too technical.
  • Jargon should be avoided, defined, or a source should be provided for further reading and clarification.
  • Images must be your original creations and must add substance and clarity to the article.
  • Articles must follow our formatting standard. Refer to our Sample Submission for more information. For Science & Disease articles specifically, please follow the Science & Disease Template for content and headings, while keeping the other formatting conventions in the Sample Submission.
  • Articles must be written in a sensitive and empathetic manner.

How to Submit your Article:

  1. Email a short topic proposal to ensure your topic fits in the scope of the Review to (optional)
  2. Pay the publication fee. (Sponsors & members are not subject to publication fees)
  3. Fill in the submission form; upload your manuscript (.docx file) and your images (.png files).

By submitting an article, you agree to our terms and conditions.