Join Our Team

We're always looking for new, talented individuals to join our team and contribute to Rare Disease Review. To stay at the top, we need bright, enthusiastic team members who aren't afraid of challenges. Available and open positions are listed below.


Creative Director*

The Creative Director manages the design of Rare Disease Review's annual paper edition. Candidates should have previous graphic design experience, graphic design software, and artistic ability. Applicants to this position should provide a sample of their previous design work.

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee seeks out external agencies to help promote Rare Disease Review's work and to generate funds to keep the journal running.


Editors play a vital role in ensuring that only the best content reaches our readers. Applicants should have completed significant experience in writing and editing.



Illustrators are developers of the artistic design of Rare Disease Review. Candidates should be proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and/or Indesign.


Contributors are essential to Rare Disease Review, and provide the foundation for the content we publish. Candidates should have experience in writing scientific content.

Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee maintains Rare Disease Review's online presence and gets our work out there. Candidates should have a high proficiency with social media and some degree of technical expertise.


Interns play an important part in the day to day running of Rare Disease Review. Interns assist various teams by providing support work and market research.


* Position is currently in high demand