Frequently Asked Questions


What is Rare Disease Review?

Rare Disease Review is a student-run medical and health policy journal focussed on providing detailed discourse on rare diseases and their societal effects to people of all educational backgrounds. Our vision is to provide an in-depth, comprehensive review of rare diseases, and to share the experiences and struggles of individuals with rare diseases to the general public.

How frequent is Rare Disease Review published?

We publish monthly issues online, and a paper edition annually.


Who is allowed to submit an article?

Anyone! We look at the quality of the article you submit, not where you’re from. Historically, those with at least three years of undergraduate studies in the sciences are most likely to create articles that go on to be accepted.

How do I format my submission?

Please refer to our article Submissions page.

Am I allowed to submit more than one article at a time?

Yes, while you are allowed to submit multiple articles at a time, we recognize the time commitment needed to produce a well written and well researched article, and would recommend that you focus your efforts on one article at a time.

What if my article doesn’t fit within the categories?

The three categories Rare Disease Review publishes on (Current Research, Science & Disease, Policy) emcompasses the most important areas of discourse in the field of rare diseases and also represents our areas of focus and expertise. Submissions external to these fields do not positively add to our mission and will not be accepted.

Can I submit something I wrote for a class/submitted to another publication?

No, all submissions must be original work created specifically for Rare Disease Review. Self-plagiarism is not allowed.


What is the role of Rare Disease Review staff?

All members of the Rare Disease Review team contribute to the publication of our content in one way or another. Our Editorial Board reviews submitted manuscripts and drafts written by our Contributors. While Publicity Managers maintain our online presence, our Sponsorship Team focuses on forming new partnerships with like-minded foundations.

Can I write for Rare Disease Review without being a Contributor?

Please see the "Submissions" section above.

How can I join Rare Disease Review staff?

We are always looking for talented new individuals to join our team to play an active role in editing, designing, and shaping the future of our publication. Please see Join our Team for a list of available positions.

What is the role of an Intern at Rare Disease Review?

Interns assist with the day-to-day operations of Rare Disease Review in their university. They promote campus & social media publicity and conduct basic market research for the sponsorship team. Exceptional Interns may be asked to write primers on current research or specific diseases to brief Editors and Contributors.